Scent bag


Lavender has been used for a long time as an insect repellent. To this day, this wonderful but very strong-smelling plant is used for exactly this purpose. You can just hang our bag in the room to get a good smell or put it in the wardrobe and laundry drawer to protect your things from woolly insects. The dimensions of the bag are 8×8 cm, but since it is handmade, the dimensions may differ on both sides by +/- 1 cm. The hanging ribbons are of different lengths, we don’t measure them 🙂 The color selection has certain basic tones, from which we will mail you a bag with a pattern of our choice. If you have special requests, be sure to write to us. The lavender in our bags comes from Hiiumaa’s Lavendlitalu

With ❤️ from KIHNU